World Cup bracket 2022: Final updated FIFA knockout stages and printable version for download

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FIFA World Cup bracket 2022
(The Sporting News)

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is in the books with all 64 matches and Argentina emerging as champions for the first time since 1986 thanks to their penalty shootout victory over France.

The Sporting News kept track of all the action throughout the 29 days of the biggest tournament in the world.

We also created a downloadable bracket — or a wallchart, as it’s known in some parts — for various regions of the world. Further below you’ll find the links to printable PDF versions.

This URL featured the updated bracket as the tournament progressed through the knockout stages. The final version of the bracket follows below.

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World Cup bracket 2022: Knockout stage

The bracket portion of the World Cup tournament started with the Round of 16 and then moved on to the quarterfinals (December 9-10), before the semifinals took centerstage (December 13-14).

A total of 16 teams advanced to the knockouts from the group stage — only the top two teams from each group — and where they fell in the bracket was predetermined in advance.

Here’s a final look at the 2022 knockout bracket with Argentina crowned as champion.

2022 FIFA World Cup bracket December 18 update
(The Sporting News)

Round of 16

Date Match  
Sat, Dec. 3 Netherlands 3, USA 1 Highlights
Sat, Dec. 3 Argentina 2,  Australia 1 Highlights
Sun, Dec. 4 France 3, Poland 1 Highlights
Sun, Dec. 4 England 3, Senegal 0 Highlights
Mon, Dec. 5 Japan 1, Croatia 1
(Croatia adv. 3-1 pens)
Mon, Dec. 5 Brazil 4, South Korea 1 Highlights
Tue, Dec. 6 Morocco 0, Spain 0
(Morocco adv. 3-0 pens)
Tue, Dec. 6 Portugal 6, Switzerland 1 Highlights


Date Match  
Fri, Dec. 9 Croatia 1, Brazil 1
(Croatia adv. 4-2 pens)
Fri, Dec. 9 Netherlands 2, Argentina 2
(Argentina adv. 4-3 pens)
Sat, Dec. 10 Morocco 1, Portugal 0 Highlights
Sat, Dec. 10 England 1, France 2 Highlights


Date Match  
Tue, Dec. 13 Argentina 3, Croatia 0 Highlights
Wed, Dec. 14 France 2, Morocco 0 Highlights

Third Place

Date Match  
Sat, Dec. 17 Croatia 2, Morocco 1 Highlights


Date Match  
Sun, Dec. 18 Argentina 3, France 3
(Argentina win 4-2 on pens)

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The slots in the knockout round were filled out based on where teams finished in their respective group. Here's how each of the groups shook out after group play wrapped up between Nov. 29-Dec. 2 with only the top two advancing (A1 and A2, B1 and B2, etc.).

Group A: A1: Netherlands A2: Senegal A3: Ecuador A4: Qatar
Group B: B1: England B2: USA B3: Iran B4: Wales
Group C: C1: Argentina C2: Poland C3: Mexico C4: Saudi Arabia
Group D: D1: France D2: Australia D3: Tunisia D4: Denmark
Group E: E1: Japan E2: Spain E3: Germany E4: Costa Rica
Group F: F1: Morocco F2: Croatia F3: Belgium F4: Canada
Group G: G1: Brazil G2: Switzerland G3: Cameroon G4: Serbia
Group H: H1: Portugal H2: S. Korea H3: Uruguay H4: Ghana

Downloadable World Cup bracket 2022

Here’s the list of printable brackets that were made available for the following regions and time zones:

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