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Copa America 2024 promises to be a monumental occasion in American soccer history, as the United States guest-hosts the South American continental championship tournament.

Defending champions Argentina put their crown on the line as the likes of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and other CONMEBOL nations hope to wrestle it from Lionel Messi's clutches. Meanwhile, CONCACAF guests USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, and Panama are looking to make their presence known amongst their South American brethren.

Not only is the tournament a chance for national teams to make a name for themselves on the global stage, but it's also a perfect chance to test themselves against the world's best as the 2026 World Cup draws closer and closer.

COPA AMERICA TICKETS: All Copa America tickets | 2024 Final | Semifinal in Charlotte & New York

With the United States set to host the FIFA Club World Cup in 2025 and co-host the FIFA World Cup in 2026, the summer of soccer has arrived. The Sporting News brings you all the information on how to attend matches across the Copa America, from the group stage through the final.

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Copa America 2024 tickets, schedule by location

All referenced ticket prices sourced from and current of February 26, 2024. Prices subject to rapid fluctuation as market shifts.


  • Venue: Hard Rock Stadium
  • Opened: 1987
  • Capacity: 64,767
  • Regular tenants: Miami Dolphins (NFL), Miami Hurricanes (NCAAF), Orange Bowl (NCAAF)
  • Premium seats: 72Club, East Field club sections 29-35, Sections 118 & 119
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 23, 2024 Group C Uruguay vs. Panama StubHub $100
June 29, 2024 Group A Argentina vs. Peru StubHub $300
July 14, 2024 Final TBD (SF winner) vs. TBD (SF winner) StubHub $900

Individual tickets for the 2024 Copa America final in Miami are running just over $900 on StubHub as of late February, as fans scramble to secure their spot at the landmark match.

Argentina matches also run fans a premium, as a ticket to see Lionel Messi in Miami for a group stage match are running just north of $300.


  • Venue: Bank of America Stadium
  • Opened: 1996
  • Capacity: 75,000
  • Regular tenants: Carolina Panthers (NFL), Charlotte FC (MLS)
  • Premium seats: Vault Suites, Gallery Suites 1-14, Executive Suites 300's & 400's, Sections 111-112 & 131-132
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
July 10, 2024 Semifinals TBD (Group A/B) vs. TBD (Group A/B) StubHub $220
July 13, 2024 Third place match TBD (SF loser) vs. TBD (SF loser) StubHub $110

While the Copa America final is a pricey event, attending the semifinal is proving to be a much more reasonable cost as tickets are listed for the semifinal in Charlotte just above $200 in late February. This match could potentially feature the United States or Brazil, as their groups filter into this side of the knockout bracket.

The third place match at the same venue is even more affordable, with tickets running just above $100.

New York metro area

  • Venue: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J. 
  • Opened: 2010
  • Capacity: 82,500
  • Regular tenants: New York Giants (NFL), New York Jets (NFL)
  • Premium seats: Sections 137-140, Coach's Club sections 112-114
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 25, 2024 Group A Chile vs. Argentina StubHub $260
June 27, 2024 Group C Uruguay vs. Bolivia StubHub $90
July 9, 2024 Semifinals TBD (Group C/D) vs. TBD (Group C/D) StubHub $290

Tickets for the semifinal in New York/New Jersey are running a bit more expensive than the semifinal in Charlotte, likely due to both the location as well as the fact that the match is on Argentina's side of the bracket. The Albiceleste, featuring Lionel Messi, have seen their potential matches run at a bit of a premium.

Dallas metro area

  • Venue: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
  • Opened: 2009
  • Capacity: 80,000
  • Regular tenants: Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Cotton Bowl (NCAAF)
  • Premium seats: Hall of Fame Club (Sections C135 & 136)
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 21, 2024 Group A Peru vs. Chile StubHub $70
June 23, 2024 Group C USA vs. Bolivia StubHub $85
Jul7 5, 2024 Quarterfinals TBD (1st, Group B) vs. TBD (2nd, Group A) StubHub $170

Interestingly, games featuring the host nation USA do not see much of a premium built into the price of the tickets, as the opening match for the hosts against Bolivia see the cheapest tickets running for around $85, which is consistent with other group stage games.

Phoenix metro area

  • Venue: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Ariz.
  • Opened: 2003
  • Capacity: 63,400
  • Regular tenants: Arizona Cardinals (NFL), Fiesta Bowl (NCAAF)
  • Premium seats: Field sections 107-110, Club sections 209-213 & 235-240
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 28, 2024 Group D Colombia vs. TBD (Costa Rica/Honduras) StubHub $70
June 30, 2024 Group B Mexico vs. Ecuador StubHub $100
July 6, 2024 Quarterfinals TBD (1st, Group D) vs. TBD (2nd, Group C) StubHub $130

Group stage games involving Mexico, including their group finale against Ecuador in Glendale, are running at a slight premium, although not a terribly significant one as the cheapest ticket runs just a hair under $100.

The quarterfinal in Glendale could feature either the United States or Brazil depending on their group stage finish, so the cheapest seats are boasting a price of around $130 per ticket.

Las Vegas

  • Venue: Allegiant Stadium
  • Opened: 2020
  • Capacity: 65,500
  • Regular tenants: Las Vegas Raiders (NFL), UNLV Rebels (NCAAF)
  • Premium seats: On-field sections C110-114 & C132-136
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 26, 2024 Group B Ecuador vs. Jamaica StubHub $90
June 28, 2024 Group D Paraguay vs. Brazil StubHub $140
July 6, 2024 Quarterfinals TBD (1st, Group C) vs. TBD (2nd, Group D) StubHub $170

The matches in Las Vegas look to have a bit of a location premium, as well as a price that reflects the participants. Brazil will play their final group stage match at Allegiant Stadium, with the price of that ticket looking slightly higher than other group games. Additionally, the quarterfinal in Las Vegas could feature either (or both) Brazil or the United States, and so that price looks to be boosted from other quarterfinal matches around the country.


  • Venue: NRG Stadium
  • Opened: 2002
  • Capacity: 72,200
  • Regular tenants: Houston Texans (NFL), Texas Bowl (NCAAF)
  • Premium seats: Section 105-108
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 22, 2024 Group B Mexico vs. Jamaica StubHub $110
June 24, 2024 Group D Colombia vs. Paraguay StubHub $80
July 4, 2024 Quarterfinals TBD (1st, Group A) vs. TBD (2nd, Group B) StubHub $180

The quarterfinal in Houston is, in all likelihood, going to feature Argentina should they win a weak Group A as expected. Thus, the price for that match is running stronger than most other quarterfinals.


  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Opened: 2017
  • Capacity: 71,000
  • Regular tenants: Atlanta Falcons (NFL), Atlanta United (MLS), Peach Bowl (NCAAF), SEC Championship Game (NCAA)
  • Premium seats: On-field sections 108C-112C & 126C-130C, Suites (S level), Club sections 210C-212C
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 20, 2024 Group A Argentina vs. TBD (Canada/Trinidad & Tobago) StubHub $220
June 27, 2024 Group C Panama vs. USA StubHub $100

The two group matches afforded to Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium are two big games, as they will feature Argentina in the opening match of the tournament, and the United States in their second group game against Panama.

Argentina's match, as it is the opening game of the competition, is running quite high compared to others at over $200.

Los Angeles metro area

  • Venue: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, Calif.
  • Opened: 2020
  • Capacity: 70,000
  • Regular tenants: Los Angeles Rams (NFL), Los Angeles Chargers (NFL), LA Bowl (NCAAF)
  • Premium seats: VIP club sections V111-V112 & V131-V132
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 24, 2024 Group D Brazil vs. TBD (Costa Rica/Honduras) StubHub $120
June 26, 2024 Group B Venezuela vs. Mexico StubHub $100

San Francisco metro area

  • Venue: Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, Calif.
  • Opened: 2014
  • Capacity: 68,500
  • Regular tenants: San Francisco 49ers (NFL)
  • Premium seats: VIP club section C115, BNY Mellon Club section C138
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 22, 2024 Group B Ecuador vs. Venezuela StubHub $70
July 2, 2024 Group D Brazil vs. Colombia StubHub $160

Kansas City

  • Venue: Children's Mercy Park, Kansas City, Kan.
  • Opened: 2011
  • Capacity: 18,500
  • Regular tenants: Sporting KC (MLS), Kansas City Current (NWSL)
  • Premium seats: Pitchside sections 106-108, Premier terrace (behind section 128)
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 25, 2024 Group A Peru vs. TBD (Canada/Trinidad & Tobago) StubHub $80
  • Venue: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Opened: 1972
  • Capacity: 76,400
  • Regular tenants: Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
  • Premium seats: The Huddle club section 224, pitchside section 119
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
July 1, 2024 Group C USA vs. Uruguay StubHub $105


  • Venue: Inter&Co Stadium
  • Opened: 2017
  • Capacity: 25,500
  • Regular tenants: Orlando City SC (MLS), Orlando Pride (NWSL), Cure Bowl (NCAAF)
  • Premium seats: Pitchside sections 13-17, Chairman's Club section 115
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 29, 2024 Group A TBD (Canada/Trinidad & Tobago) vs. Chile StubHub $70
July 1, 2024 Group C Bolivia vs. Panama StubHub $60


  • Venue: Q2 Stadium
  • Opened: 2021
  • Capacity: 20,700
  • Regular tenants: Austin FC (MLS)
  • Premium seats: Lexus Club sections 109-117, pitchside sections FS1-10
Date Round Match Buy Tickets Cheapest Tickets
June 30, 2024 Group B Jamaica vs. Venezuela StubHub $90
July 2, 2024 Group D TBD (Costa Rica/Honduras) vs. Paraguay StubHub $70

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