Is Taylor Swift an Eagles fan? Explaining why the singer cheers for Philadelphia despite newfound Chiefs love

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Taylor Swift is known for a lot of things. 

Twelve Grammys, re-recording her own albums and now dating a future NFL Hall of Fame player, to name a few.

Until recently, few associated her with sports teams. Why would you? But her newfound, very visible love for the Chiefs has people wondering if she's always been a football fan or if it's only for Travis Kelce. 

Her love for the game runs deep, though, and while she's made the switch to another team, only one is (officially) written into her music.

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It begs the question, what NFL team, and Kelce brother, does Swift really root for? Here's everything you need to know.

Where is Taylor Swift from?

While many now know her as a Chiefs fan, diehard Swifties know where her loyalty lies within the NFL. She moved to Nashville at 14 years old to pursue her music career, but it isn't the Titans.

Here's a hint: she grew up on a Christmas tree farm and mentions her home state in "Seven."

If you guessed Pennsylvania, then welcome to the Swift fan club. Until recently, she cheered for the Eagles, as seen on her sweatshirt over the summer.

She grew up in West Reading, Pennsylvania, claiming Philadelphia as her home city. She performed the "Star-Spangled Banner" at a 76ers game at age 11 and did the same at a 2008 World Series game for the Phillies, who won the championship that year. Not saying it's connected, but they haven't won since.

Is Taylor Swift an Eagles fan?

To put it simply, yes, Swift is an Eagles fan.

She even had a custom Eagles jersey made before D'Andre Swift joined the team.

At her Eras Tour concert in May at Lincoln Financial Field, she addressed the ultimate question: were her Eagles lyrics about the band or the team?

Let's just say it's ironic that she's left her T-shirt hanging on the door for the red and gold rush of the Chiefs kingdom.

"But guys, like, come on, like I'm from Philly. Of course it's the team," Swift said on stage.

While Philly fans are understandably upset Swift has changed her NFL allegiance to Kansas City, they're more upset with her father's change of heart.

At her Nov. 11 Eras Tour show in Buenos Aires, Scott Swift joined Travis Kelce in the VIP tent. He wore a Chiefs lanyard around his neck, signaling he's put aside his years of Eagles loyalty for his daughter's boyfriend.

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Of all people, Jason Kelce might be the most hurt about Scott's lanyard.

"You're gonna let this man's devilishly good looks and relationship with your daughter sway you from a lifetime of fandom, Scott? This is ridiculous," he said on his and Travis' podcast, "New Heights".

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With a Super Bowl 57 rematch on "Monday Night Football," it might be time for Donna Kelce to get the Swifts split Chiefs-Eagles jerseys.

Will Taylor make it to Kansas City for the game? We'll have to wait and see. It'll be a quick turnaround, as she closes out a trio of shows in Rio de Janeiro the night before the game. She has a couple days off before heading to Sao Paolo for her final three South American shows.

Considering Kelce made the Argentina trip for her during the Chiefs' bye week, it's highly possible she'll do the same for him and fly across the equator for a game.

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