NCAA football 25 video game teaser: EA Sports finally confirms plans for 2024 release

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Gamers have been waiting for an update from EA Sports on the next College Football game. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting ...

There's still going to be some more waiting, but fans at least now have a timeline ahead of them. EA Sports posted an update to its College Football X (formerly Twitter) profile bio announcing that a reveal of the game will be coming in May.

Not long after that, the account dropped a hype video assuring fans that College Football 25 is coming. Because yes, college football fans, it's really happening.

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Here's what you need to know about the latest updates to the game's status.

NCAA football 25 video game teaser

Fans won't be getting a full glimpse of the highly anticipated game until May, but a teaser released Thursday at least assured fans that the game will be arriving. The video featured a narrator sewing up a "25" jersey on the field of the Rose Bowl and assuring fans of the game that will be arriving soon.

"Got something special for y'all. Little update for our fans from the Big House to the Bayou. From Carolina to California. Yeah it's about college football. We know you love it. Us too. The rivalries. Comebacks. The traditions and superstitions built by generations. There's nothing like it," the narrator says in the video. "Turns out, we've been building too.

"So let's address the Big Al in the room. Yeah, we've seen the posts. The predictions. The doubts. We get it. It's been a minute. Let's just say, this ain't the only jersey we've been working on. The game this sport deserves cause pretty soon, this place will be full again. Until then, cue the crowd noise."

NCAA football 25 release date

There's no official release date listed for the game just yet. A teaser is being hyped up as dropping in May while the full game will come out over the summer.

Fans had expected some form of update to come on the day of the Super Bowl, perhaps in the form of an ad. That did not wind up happening, but EA Sports took only four days after the big game to post their big update.

Last NCAA football video game

Die-hard fans of the beloved game series have perhaps single-handedly kept PS3s and Xbox 360s on the market just to play the last edition of the game, which was NCAA Football 14. Former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was the cover athlete for the game. The game was released July 9, 2013.

Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit were the commentators for the gameplay and Rece Davis and David Pollack provided halftime show coverage.

The game series wound up being canceled over frustrations from college football players that their likeness — even if not their exact names — were displayed in the game without any compensation for the athletes. For example, Ohio State featured a mobile quarterback wearing No. 5, not unlike the then-mobile quarterback of the Buckeyes Braxton Miller, who wore No. 5. There was also an Alabama quarterback wearing No. 10 whose likeness sure looked an awful lot like A.J. McCarron.

But now with NIL, players can officially be compensated for appearing in the game. The moment NIL legislation was passed, fans immediately began to anticipate the return of the popular game series.

Soon, those fans will finally get their wish. 

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