Why Luka Doncic requested security to remove fan from crowd during Mavericks' loss to Suns: 'I had enough'

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It's safe to say it was a frustrating night at the office for Luka Doncic.

The Mavericks collapsed in the third quarter of their contest against the Suns on Wednesday, getting outscored 43-20 in the frame en route to a 132-109 loss at home. While Doncic did his part with 34 points, nine assists and eight rebounds, Dallas was unable to overcome the absence of Kyrie Irving (sprained right thumb), falling to 24-20 on the season

However, it wasn't the result of the game that had Doncic in the headlines. The Mavericks star dealt with one particular heckler throughout the game that caused his blood to boil.  

The heckler, who was sitting two rows behind media row, was giving it to the Slovenian guard in the first half. It wasn't until the Mavericks began their meltdown in the third frame that Doncic said enough was enough and asked Dallas security to escort the fan out of the arena. 

Here is more on why Doncic had the fan removed from the Mavs-Suns game.

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What did the fan say to Luka Doncic?

As mentioned, the fan in question, who was sporting a Devin Booker "El Valle" jersey, did not give Doncic a break the entire time he was near the court. 

After the game, Doncic said that the heckler was cursing him out the whole first half. It was this comment in the third quarter that appeared to break the camel's back: "Luka, you're tired! Get your a— on the treadmill!"

Cameras caught Doncic stopping in the middle of the court to look at the man. After turning around to get back on defense, he was seen pointing in the security's direction and then back at the fan, giving a motion that he wanted him to be removed from the premises. 

Shortly after, security escorted the fan out, who did not protest the ejection. 

Doncic was asked during his postgame press conference why he didn't ask for the fan to be ejected during the first half, to which Doncic gave a level-headed response.

"Because I never would eject a fan," Doncic said. "They paid for tickets, but I had enough. It's a little bit of frustration."

The frustrations for Doncic were not directed solely at the fan and did not stop once the clock hit zero. Doncic got into it with ESPN reporter Tim MacMahon during the postgame press conference as well. 

"You always seem to be the first one to put some bad stuff about me," Doncic said to MacMahon after the reporter posted a video on X of the fan being removed. 

It's understandable why Doncic would be a little more tense than normal. The Mavericks are in the midst of a rough stretch where they have lost five of their last seven games, falling to eighth place in the Western Conference in the process. 

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