Top 5 funny moments from Charles Barkley on TNT's ‘Inside The NBA’

From his playing days to his over two-decade run on TNT's Inside The NBA, one thing has always remained constant about Charles Barkley — his sense of humor.

Possessing incredible timing, Barkley's off-the-cuff style has led to some incredible moments of on-air brilliance. His honest no-filter approach just forces you to laugh at quips that can be offensive, controversial or even downright mean. 

"A lot of Barkley's rants and opinions have a similar rhythm and logic as great stand-up bits," says Los Angeles-based comedian and writer Aaron Herzog. "You can't fully tell if he truly means what he's saying, or is just using flawed logic to make a point and get the laugh. And just like a great comedian, Barkley never breaks to let us know for sure"

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Barkley's comedic talents were recently the subject of a viral tweet, which evolved into a very lengthy thread featuring laugh-out-loud clips from the Hall of Famer's tenure on Inside The NBA. The thread quite literally has dozens upon dozens of clips, a testament to how much of a comedic force Barkley truly is.

And while you could spend hours re-watching and laughing through clip after clip, in no particular order, here's five of the more funnier clips from the thread.

1. Barkley on Jussie Smollet

After actor Jussie Smollet staged a fake hate crime against himself in 2019, Barkley unprompted dropped a hilarious gem about the situation that had his colleague Shaquille O'Neal literally cackling.

2. Barkley on San Antonio

In a running bit, Barkley loves to poke fun at the women of San Antonio, Texas. This monologue made O'Neal keel over the desk because he was laughing so hard.

3. Barkley on a Lakers fan and Krispy Kreme

After a Lakers fan mocked Barkley's love for Krispy Kreme donuts, the Hall of Fame forward forced the show's producers to not go to commercial break with a merciless roast.

4. Barkley on the cost of NBA League Pass

During a segment where they were supposed to promote NBA League Pass, Barkley mocked the promotion because a bad Lakers team was being featured. Barkley went so as far as to tell people not to buy the single game, causing host Ernie Johnson to break out in laughter.

5. Barkley on Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan

While breaking down the highlights of a game between the Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs, Barkley dropped a subtle but hilariously lethal joke about the trade involving Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan

At 59 years old, Barkley has talked about retiring from TNT at the end of his contract in 2025. And while that would be an end of an era, as this Twitter thread shows, Barkley's legacy of laughter will never be forgotten.