MLB City Connect uniforms 2024: Tracking the jersey redesigns for Mets, Rays, Tigers and more

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2024 hasn't exactly been a banner year for MLB uniforms, with the new threads produced by the league's partnership with Nike and Fanatics drawing ire from both players and fans.

The bright spot for the league's on-field look remains Nike's City Connect uniforms, which have largely earned positive reviews since they first debuted in 2021. While results vary by team, the experiment seems to be a success -- and it's not done yet. Nine City Connect uniforms will be unveiled by the midway point of the 2024 season, including the first team to receive a second set.

Reviews are all across the board for the early-season reveals, but one thing is true about all of them: they're bold.

The Sporting News is tracking MLB's 2024 City Connect uniform releases, from the Phillies to the Dodgers. Follow along below with the latest reveals.

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MLB new City Connect uniforms 2024


Nike went the Red Sox route with the Phillies' City Connect Uniform, removing all Phillies colors from the equation and giving the franchise a brand new alternate look. 

The uniforms, which have a "Philly" script across the front, feature a gradient that turns from light blue at the top to dark blue at the bottom. Yellow is featured as an accent color on the Nike logo and the sleeves. The navy cap features a Liberty Bell logo and a yellow star on each side. 

Why blue and yellow? That's a nod to the city's flag, while the "Philly" script pays tribute to the pattern of writing on some of the nation's historical documents in Philadelphia. Other intricacies of the uniform include tributes to Philadelphia's skyline. 


The Mets' City Connect uniform embraces everything New York City, even if they aren't the city's biggest baseball brand. 

The dark gray uniform features an "NYC" script in black lettering, with black pinstripes that run up and down. The cap is also a dark gray, with an even darker edition of the Mets' interlocking "NY" logo and the Queensboro Bridge featured prominently.

One thing Nike avoided with the Mets' City Connect uniform was actual Mets colors. While the same was true for the Phillies, Philadelphia's uniform popped because of bright colors. The Mets' uniform relies on dark gray, black, and a touch of purple.

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The Rays unveiled their City Connect uniform on April 29, and they bring fans back to a different era in franchise history. The Rays' uniform takes on the image of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from the late 1990s when the team debuted, but it adds a new twist: skateboarding. 

The uniforms don't focus much on skateboarding themselves, but a "skating ray" alternate logo introduced as part of the reveal "represents the intrinsic link between skateboarding and baseball."

Named "Grit and Glow," the Rays' uniforms stray away from the typical sunshine and beaches theme the franchise tends to lean into. Instead, it focuses on the culture of the Tampa Bay area.

The uniform, which is a dark shade of gray, features a "Tampa Bay" script with flames, while the caps and helmets feature a logo that combines the shape of a stingray with the design of a bridge. 


The Tigers unveiled their City Connect uniform on May 6.

The uniform leans heavily on the Tigers' traditional navy blue, including a navy blue cap that simply reads, "Detroit," but the jersey also features a lighter blue gradient toward the center.

The jersey features a "Motor City" script, and the gradient is intended to resemble tire tracks. Detroit is known for its rich history in the automobile production industry, and that's the theme Nike settled on for the Tigers' new design. 

The Tigers' City Connect uniforms will debut on May 11 against the Astros.


The Guardians revealed their City Connect uniform on May 13. 

The outfit is inspired by the "Guardians of Traffic" statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge in the city. According to the team, "the blue texture of the uniform is influenced by the berea sandstone material of the Guardians of Traffic statues and buildings."

The Tigers' City Connect uniforms will debut on May 17 against the Twins.


The Cardinals' City Connect uniforms will be unveiled ahead of their May 25 debut date.

Blue Jays

The Blue Jays' City Connect uniforms will be unveiled ahead of their May 31 debut date.


The Twins' City Connect uniforms will be unveiled ahead of their June 14 debut date.


The Dodgers are the only team receiving a second City Connect jersey this season. Their uniform will be revealed ahead of their June 21 debut date. 

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