The Match 2022: Best trash talk moments from Tom Brady-Aaron Rodgers vs. Josh Allen-Patrick Mahomes golf showdown, including peak jabs from TNT's Charles Barkley

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The Match 2022
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Friendly competition? Not between these four legendary quarterbacks.

While Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes command respect on the gridiron, their 12 holes at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas during The Match showed that they're all ready to take shots at one another when given the chance. Even commentators Charles Barkley, J.J. Watt and Trevor Immelman joined in on the trash talk going on.

Rodgers and Brady might have had the last laugh with the win, but there were plenty of blows traded between all four quarterbacks that added to the entertainment of the sixth edition of The Match.

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Here's a look at some of the highlights of their trash talking throughout Wednesday's golf outing.

Best trash talk moments

To be clear, the trash talk didn't just start when the golfers arrived to the course on Wednesday. There had already been plenty dished out, especially by the two veteran QBs ahead of the 12-hole event.

As the four previewed The Match with Watt, it became clear that even teammates would not be spared. Mahomes said Allen's biggest fear was a coin toss, alluding to the outcome of their AFC divisional round matchup in the 2022 NFL playoffs.

Allen was clearly been prepared for his moment, though. When asked what golf balls he would be using, he was all too eager to bust out one with Brady's famous NFL combine picture on it.

Brady seemed all too ready for that, however. During The Match, he unveiled one he showed to Allen that featured a Lombardi Trophy. Brady has hoisted the trophy seven times, while Rodgers and Mahomes have each held it once. Allen was the only quarterback to have never played in the Super Bowl.

Brady took aim again at his former AFC East foe. The Buccaneers quarterback had previously prodded Allen for his 'baby fat,' so to add to it, after Brady wasn't happy with a shot that he had on an approach to the green, he referred to his strike as "a little chunky. I call that a little Josh Allen-y." Allen assured Brady the production crew would fix his appearance in post-production, perhaps a subtle nod to Brady's questionable hole-out drone video.

After Brady and Rodgers got off to an early two-stroke lead, Rodgers suggested that perhaps the two veterans needed to help keep the match more entertaining.

Allen suggested, however, that it might be due to the older quarterbacks skipping OTAs.

As would be expected in a match between four quarterbacks and non-professional golfers, there were some shanks. Maybe, more than a couple.

Fans were nearly constantly in the danger zone as "fore" became used as frequently on the course as "hike" on the football field-- Shots were hooked and shanked right and left throughout the event. This is where Barkley, who played in the November 2020 edition of The Match and was now announcing the showcase, began to weigh in on the talents of the golfers.

And it was PEAK Charles Barkley!

Barkley's commentary wasn't just aimed at the golfers on the course. He even fired at his "Inside the NBA" colleague Shaquille O'Neal and how his absence improved Barkley's day, and how Justin Thomas, winner of the 2022 PGA Championship and former Alabama golfer, couldn't get in to Barkley's alma mater, Auburn.

Watt was ready to push back on Barkley, first saying he'd be ready to fight the former NBA star and another taking a dig at his forehead.

Immelman, who won the 2008 Masters, also helped take aim at Barkley, particularly his golf skills.

He also tried to help Brady with his swing at one point, advising him to aim a bit farther to the right. When the result was a hooked shot well right, Brady made sure to let him know about it.

While The Match certainly had its fair share of ribbing, in the end, it was all fun and games with hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for charity. And if Mahomes is any indication, this might not be the last we see of these quarterbacks taking part in the annual event.

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